Evergreen Weight Loss Fundamentals

“Which one this time?” asked my weary friend. She’d seen me through many a diet, exercise regime, eating plan over the years. “This time” I replied, “it’s not a diet. I’m eating like my body was meant to”.

And so I am.

Here are some of the basics that we all know ut have a challenge applying.

  1. don’t focus on the results, focus on the process and the results will happen
  2. find exercise you enjoy
  3. switch language – not dieting but eating in a healthy way
  4. develop the belief that you are a fit, healthy, toned slimmer self. Think about self positively
  5. when stressed, either change the situation, or change your attitude to the situation
  6. eat 70% LIVE food
  7. watch the metrics – eg glasses of water a day, frequency and duration of exercise
  8. talk positive – not lose weight, but gain health
  9. 50-100g – turkey, salmon, tuna,meat, chicken, fish or 1/2 doz prawns
  10. 3 cups salad veggies
  11. pump up the H2O
  12. no wheat, carbs – boiled egg instead (6 per week ok)