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Writing is a lonely world at times. Sure there’s coffee, and the cat. But few of your friends or family “get” the pursuit of expression and the need to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).

I’ve found and joined a new group that is shaping up to be the key to me achieving my writing goals next year. Best part is, it’s just started so by getting in on the ground floor you get to ride the lift all the way 🙂 Here’s what’s included…

  • a year-long, comprehensive, self-paced training course covering the elements one needs to learn to become a successful, money-making writer.
  • designed to help every writer accomplish his or her writing, publishing, and sales goals.
  • whether you’re new to writing or you’ve been at it for awhile, you’ll gain access to customizable exercises, planning guides, and information, so you can start new projects, finish up those that need to be completed, and branch out into other areas to position yourself to earn more with your writing.
  • suited to writers of fiction or nonfiction or for people like me who do plenty of both!
  • eBooks, articles, short fiction, PLR, reports, print books, microfiction, information products: this group helps you lay the proper foundation for success no matter your goal. 
  • the pace at which you work, and the writing stretches you choose to take are up to you, but the aim is going to be to push yourself to become a better writer who’s more proficient at getting the writing, marketing, and selling done.

Sound good?

Check it out here.

This IS a paid group and it’s definitely worth grabbing the special entry fee while the sale is on.

I’m in! I so need the guidance, support and accountability as well as the tools from this group to make my dreams come true.  Join me?

(by the way, if you do join from my referral links above I may receive a few bucks to fund my writing)

Writing Tips From Winning Author Paul Harden

30 November, 2013 § 3 Comments

You know I think I write pretty well. Noone can ever deny that because apart form my blog posts here and elsewhere, Ive never written the Great Novel. In the immediate future I have no intention, NaNoWriMo or not. My focus is on non-fiction for now. But when I do get to the stage I’d like to write more creatively, I’d be listening to people who have done it before and been successful.

Paul Harden is one of those people.

Here are a few ideas he shares, and they are worth taking note of!

I love the line

Don’t confine truth to fact.


What Should You Do To Get Published?

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Here’s a neat little article with some true advice for any writer hoping to become published.

Another day, another rejection letter—what’s a new writer to do? While holding your breath, stomping your feet, or crying might sound cathartic (not to mention dramatic), it won’t help your writing get published. You can, however, develop certain behaviors that will increase the odds of a literary agent or editor saying “yes” to your work.

Read the 5 key pointers here …

Which one sounds right to you?

Are You Making This Key Writer’s Mistake?

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Nearly all wannabe writers think that writing is all about sitting at a keyboard and tapping out The Great Novel.

They tend to think the page will be filled from their creative imagination.

But how do you fuel that imagination?

How well do you observe and engage in what is going on about you?

According to Hemingway, it’s not simply about the practise of writing that makes a writer great. It is the art of observation. Being able to infuse emotion and description into the everyday.

Filling the well, as Cameron would say.

Maria Popova explains it nicely…
Click here to view the article…

Do that, and you will avoid a key mistake most writers make.

Vale: Doris Lessing

18 November, 2013 § 2 Comments

If you have not read Doris, you have missed out on one of the best British authors of the century.

We have lost a wonderful writer yet she has left an enduring legacy.

Doris had a remarkable talent and I’d recommend grabbing one of her works, enjoying it, then studying it. Your writing will thank you for it.

doris lessing

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