NEW Book Author Theme

It's VERY rare for a theme to be specifically developed to meet the needs of a rather 'niched' market like authors. The Book-Snapper theme for WordPress has been released and clever self-publishing authors are taking advantage of it's power and simplicity As authors (and aspiring authors) it's not always easy to find solutions tailored to your specific needs. Well,… Continue reading NEW Book Author Theme

Your Book Needs a Marketing Plan

Writing a book is one thing. Inspired. Gruelling. Character-building. Yet if you write your book, show a couple of close family and friends, what do you do next? Shove it in a drawer never to see light of day again? The first thing is to get it professionally proofread and edited. Then, it's about pushing… Continue reading Your Book Needs a Marketing Plan

Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

Sounds so sweet, doesn't it? The Snowflake Method. Little shards of snowy ice fluttering around us, carpeting the ground and one by one they form a whole.     As innocuous as it sounds, the Snowflake method has been used for years by people who swear it is the reason they managed to write a… Continue reading Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

How To Write A Short E-Book in 7 Days

Our expectations have become such that we're looking for the easiest, fastest way to do things ... and then there a times we just want to get stuff done - especially something we know we need to do and keep putting off. I've written a number of e-books which I use as giveaways to my… Continue reading How To Write A Short E-Book in 7 Days