Writing Tips from Margaret Atwood

margaret atwood writing tips

Margaret Atwood has written a broad range of work over 60 years, even though she is now especially famous as the author of The Handmaid's Tale (based on real events in Cambodia). She is prolific and thought-provoking in her writing. I first came across her in 1993 when she published The Robber Bride. Atwood has… Continue reading Writing Tips from Margaret Atwood

What is Domestic Noir?

domestic noir fiction

The literary world is complex. There are broad genres then sub-genres and even deeper categorisation beyond that. Within the Crime genre, Domestic Noir occupies a peculiarly feminine place. It comprises crime that usually takes place within familiar places such as the home or workplace. It often concerns itself with the woman's perspective. At it's core,… Continue reading What is Domestic Noir?

Stephen King – Advice on Writing

writing advice from stephen king

Seven minutes spent listening to the hero of many readers will inform your writing and your practice. Did you know King doesn't rely on plotting? See how many usable tips you get from this short video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwhOd65gGoY   When you're done, go check out his book On Writing, even if you're not a fan of… Continue reading Stephen King – Advice on Writing

13 Steps to Writing a Book – Jerry Jenkins

steps to writing a book by jerry jenkins

https://youtu.be/yHKKtxliYaY When you want advice on writing a book, it pays to get it from someone who has done it before. Jenkins has penned over 190 books (not a misprint!) and reached the NYT bestseller list 21 times. That's someone you need to listen to. Much of what he has to say is not new… Continue reading 13 Steps to Writing a Book – Jerry Jenkins