Clive James: A Poet Passes

Clive James. Another literary legend lost. His death last Sunday is punctuated by the volumes of words from this prodigious talent. A critic, intellectual, broadcaster, presenter and ever-improving poet James has left an indelible mark on Australia and the world. The 'kid from Kogarah' who traversed those suburbs a couple of decades before I lived… Continue reading Clive James: A Poet Passes

You Can Write … Now

As NaNoWriMo kicks into gear, Anne Lamott offers some inspiration. The start is the thing. The blank page. The "what will I say?", "how will I start?", "who am I to try?", "write a book - what was I thinking!?" ... Insert your own Debbie Downer statements that poke their way into your creative genius,… Continue reading You Can Write … Now