Best Selling Author Talk – Fiona McArthur

When you have an opportunity to hear an author talk, it pays to listen. Especially if that author is successful, as in some fifty published books or more – both traditional and self-published - and has won awards for her writing. Today was such a chance for me. Fiona McArthur is on the hustings (at least… Continue reading Best Selling Author Talk – Fiona McArthur


Advice from an Emerging Writer Having Success

A friend of mine was chuffed to get a guernsey in a UK writing mag. He had an article published about playing to your strengths. Now, Greg provides great advice from his own experience and you can definitely benefit from that. But think about the achievement of having an article you wrote being published on… Continue reading Advice from an Emerging Writer Having Success

What is Domestic Noir?

domestic noir fiction

The literary world is complex. There are broad genres then sub-genres and even deeper categorisation beyond that. Within the Crime genre, Domestic Noir occupies a peculiarly feminine place. It comprises crime that usually takes place within familiar places such as the home or workplace. It often concerns itself with the woman's perspective. At it's core,… Continue reading What is Domestic Noir?