Writing Non Fiction

Non-fiction is not fiction. Duh. It's generally material which is objective, factual, and useful. I'm not including narrative nonfiction here but the principles could equally apply. If you plan to write non-fiction, (and you should because everyone knows something about something, right?) then it pays to think more broadly about the type of publishing format… Continue reading Writing Non Fiction


IWD 2023: Equity

Happy International Women's Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity. In the world of creative writing, women seem to outnumber men in local writing groups and literary festival participation. One could be forgiven for thinking it's a woman's world in that space these days. Yet men continue to dominate the field of awards and prizes. (https://lithub.com/on-sexism-in-literary-prize-culture/) Additionally, research demonstrates… Continue reading IWD 2023: Equity

Audio Fiction – the next big thing

Radio drama series were a welcome form of entertainment before television took precedence in homes. We’ve had blockbuster T.V series and movies. Visual entertainment continued but as with many things, evolution keeps changing the landscape. More recently audiobooks and podcasts have surged in popularity, especially for those on long commutes. The circle turns and the… Continue reading Audio Fiction – the next big thing

Warning: Changes at Amazon for Book Publishers

Amazon has been besieged over the recent year or two by authors trying to 'game' the system. A number of marketers have been promoting hacks and methods that are reminiscent of the techniques used to game Google, such as keyword stuffing. Why? The methods succeeded in pushing your books up the rankings, gaining more visibility… Continue reading Warning: Changes at Amazon for Book Publishers