IWD 2023: Equity

Happy International Women's Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity. In the world of creative writing, women seem to outnumber men in local writing groups and literary festival participation. One could be forgiven for thinking it's a woman's world in that space these days. Yet men continue to dominate the field of awards and prizes. (https://lithub.com/on-sexism-in-literary-prize-culture/) Additionally, research demonstrates… Continue reading IWD 2023: Equity


Bloody Scotland – Brilliant Crime Festival

I discovered Bloody Scotland by accident, and I'm glad I did. It's a bloody wonderful festival chock-full of crime writers including luminaries such as Val McDermid, Lee Child and more. There's nothing wee abood it! If you want to get your fill of intense input on writing and reading crime - tap into the minds… Continue reading Bloody Scotland – Brilliant Crime Festival

Grassroots Writers Weekend

Grassroots Writers Festival Imagine a writers event where there are no talking heads spruiking about their just-published book. Imagine a weekend devoted to the craft and practice of writing, facilitated by local writers who may or may not be published. A sharing of knowledge and the love of writing, wrapped up in a local writing… Continue reading Grassroots Writers Weekend

Margaret Atwood Speaks

Listened in to an interview between Jennifer Byrne and Margaret Atwood. It was from last years Sydney Writer's Festival. One thing she said struck me. She posited that when she began writing, one just wrote and it was difficult due to it being uncommon. These days. she said, you can do a Creative Writing course at… Continue reading Margaret Atwood Speaks