Bloody Scotland – Brilliant Crime Festival

I discovered Bloody Scotland by accident, and I'm glad I did. It's a bloody wonderful festival chock-full of crime writers including luminaries such as Val McDermid, Lee Child and more. There's nothing wee abood it! If you want to get your fill of intense input on writing and reading crime - tap into the minds… Continue reading Bloody Scotland – Brilliant Crime Festival

Audio Fiction – the next big thing

Radio drama series were a welcome form of entertainment before television took precedence in homes. We’ve had blockbuster T.V series and movies. Visual entertainment continued but as with many things, evolution keeps changing the landscape. More recently audiobooks and podcasts have surged in popularity, especially for those on long commutes. The circle turns and the… Continue reading Audio Fiction – the next big thing

Advice from an Emerging Writer Having Success

A friend of mine was chuffed to get a guernsey in a UK writing mag. He had an article published about playing to your strengths. Now, Greg provides great advice from his own experience and you can definitely benefit from that. But think about the achievement of having an article you wrote being published on… Continue reading Advice from an Emerging Writer Having Success

Making a Writers Challenge Work For You

Writing challenges are terrific to spark your productivity and focus. It doesn't matter what kind of challenge - just focused action with butt in chair doingness. If you want to get the best out of any challenge, here are two key things you need to do. Schedule the timeThat's right. Drag out your trusty diary… Continue reading Making a Writers Challenge Work For You

A Good Story Creates an Experience

A good story creates an experience and puts you in it, living and feeling it as if you were there. Jerry Cleaver I wonder how many books you’ve read that you’ve sat alongside and said as you were reading – this is good, or, this is bad. If you’re like me, you either get pulled… Continue reading A Good Story Creates an Experience