Believe It. If You Can Write, You’re a Writer!

Sometimes people need to embed the belief. Write it out 100 times … a day. Advertisements

Will You Be. Better, More Successful Writer Next Year?

You can be – joining this comprehensive course will increase your chances exponentially. Just a quick note to let you know that the super super Sale Price on The Write Plan Writer 12… Continue reading

Warning: Changes at Amazon for Book Publishers

Amazon has been besieged over the recent year or two by authors trying to ‘game’ the system. A number of marketers have been promoting hacks and methods that are reminiscent of the techniques… Continue reading

Become a Better Writer – And Get An Income

Writing is a lonely world at times. Sure there’s coffee, and the cat. But few of your friends or family “get” the pursuit of expression and the need to put pen to paper… Continue reading

Writing Tips From Winning Author Paul Harden

You know I think I write pretty well. Noone can ever deny that because apart form my blog posts here and elsewhere, Ive never written the Great Novel. In the immediate future I… Continue reading

What Should You Do To Get Published?

Here’s a neat little article with some true advice for any writer hoping to become published. Another day, another rejection letter—what’s a new writer to do? While holding your breath, stomping your feet,… Continue reading

Are You Making This Key Writer’s Mistake?

Nearly all wannabe writers think that writing is all about sitting at a keyboard and tapping out The Great Novel. They tend to think the page will be filled from their creative imagination.… Continue reading

Vale: Doris Lessing

If you have not read Doris, you have missed out on one of the best British authors of the century. We have lost a wonderful writer yet she has left an enduring legacy.… Continue reading

On Writing

As a teacher of Creative Writing I often wonder how I am contributing to the aspiring writers in my class. Yes, they enjoy the class and gain value from it … but does… Continue reading

Advice on Writing