Great Writing Sites

As I come across websites that are good resources for writers, I’ll try and drop them in here so I can build a list for us all. Here’s a couple to start with…… Continue reading

How To Write a Book in 2 Minutes

[youtube=] I was testing out how fast I could produce a video. Turns out … fast! In this really quick 2 minute video I cover off the four key elements to writing a… Continue reading

Margaret Atwood Speaks

Listened in to an interview¬†between Jennifer Byrne and Margaret Atwood. It was from last years Sydney Writer’s Festival. One thing she said struck me. She posited that when she began writing, one just… Continue reading

Evergreen Weight Loss Fundamentals

“Which one this time?” asked my weary friend. She’d seen me through many a diet, exercise regime, eating plan over the years. “This time” I replied, “it’s not a diet. I’m eating like… Continue reading

Writing Courses Are Okay

I teach a writing course. Some may wonder why, given I have never legitimately published or authored a book. That seems to be people’s expectation of a teacher of writing. Yet I have… Continue reading

Storytelling Contest Open Now

If you have a story tot ell and you can produce it in video, head over to Celtx – they are funding a competition and it costs nothing to enter. ¬†They are picking… Continue reading

Writing Software – A Cool Tool

When you get serious about writing you start to realise it would help to have a software tool to keep your writing organised. If you search for writing software you’ll find a number… Continue reading


They’re rich embroideries of a person’s life. Yet what to ask of a subject should you wish to write of them? Here are a few questions suggested by Lyn, Judith and Connie.

Becoming a Writer

I became a writer by writing. I remember almost all of my undergraduate creative writing teachers saying, Just write, and things will happen Quoted by Carrie Oeding from her teachers in her BA… Continue reading

On Writing – Some Thoughts