Getting Published: 7 steps

15 May, 2014 § 2 Comments

Got that great book still inside you?

Waiting for ‘the right time’ to arrive to get that book written and published?

As you move through life, things only get more complex and all the things you have to wade through just multiply.

There will never be an easier time for you to write than now.

So do it. Don’t wait for ‘someday’. Then get published. Or at least have a go.

Well, it’s not quite that easy. This is more like 7 processes you need to go through if you seek mainstream publishing. Still it is always great to learn from those who have gone before…

How to Get a Book Published – The 7 Step Plan

How Good Are You At Marketing or Planning?

6 January, 2014 § 9 Comments

Just listened to a woman I met a few years ago and she was talking at a seminar a while back.

Lisa has been building a stellar career and has become a published author more than once. She knows a thing or two about writing and getting published. I had always thought she had come from a background in the field. Turns out she had only attended a one-day publishing workshop. It was at that she realised she her career skills in marketing and strategic planning were more critical to her ability to become a published author than her knowledge of the industry.

Yet, how many writers pay ANY attention to these areas. They focus exclusively on the writing.

As I’ve said before, as mammoth as it is to write a book, getting it published is far trickier!

Yes, what you write is important and you need to move from writing to editing to ensure you produce a quality book. But you need to learn about marketing and planning a launch if you hope to publish.

Oh, and if you think a publisher will snap you up ( it has happened), then the more you know about publishing and planning the more likely you are to maintain some control.


Journey of a book

22 October, 2011 § Leave a comment

  1. edit
  2. re-edit
  3. finish the manuscript
  4. typesetting and design – test, review, endorsement
  5. proofing and editing –┬ádigitally┬áprinted is almost like phtsical print
  6. print
  7. publicise
  8. distribution

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