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How Good Are You At Marketing or Planning?

Just listened to a woman I met a few years ago and she was talking at a seminar a while back. Lisa has been building a stellar career and has become a published… Continue reading

Finished Your 1st Draft? Next…

There’s a great warm feeling that rushes through your veins when ‘finish’ your first draft. You type “The End”, print it out, get the satisfaction as you rap all the pages so they… Continue reading

Why Writing Is The Easy Part!

As writers we agonise over our plot, our charaters, whether we’ve got the right dialogue, if we’re consistent in our timeline, and much much more. We think writing is difficult. And it is.… Continue reading

Warning: Changes at Amazon for Book Publishers

Amazon has been besieged over the recent year or two by authors trying to ‘game’ the system. A number of marketers have been promoting hacks and methods that are reminiscent of the techniques… Continue reading

What Should You Do To Get Published?

Here’s a neat little article with some true advice for any writer hoping to become published. Another day, another rejection letter—what’s a new writer to do? While holding your breath, stomping your feet,… Continue reading