How To Write A Short E-Book in 7 Days

12 May, 2014 § Leave a comment

Our expectations have become such that we’re looking for the easiest, fastest way to do things … and then there a times we just want to get stuff done – especially something we know we need to do and keep putting off.

I’ve written a number of e-books which I use as giveaways to my audiences. But there’s one that I’ve Ben struggling to write and possibly because it’s the topic I am most familiar with. You can be too close to a topic, eh?

So, I can either keep putting it off, or I can put a deadline on it.

Attaching a deadline is one way to motivate yourself to get things done.

So, this gem of an article from Men With Pens lays out a very doable plan to write out your short ebook (or guide, or report or whatever word suits) in seven days with using 2-3 hours a day to get it done.

When I wrote another ebook I was procrastinating on I eventually took myself off to the library or cafe once a day for 2 hours. I took only my Netbook loaded with just the salient research material and my outline chart. Less distractions. The change of environment triggered a different work pattern and I focused for the best part of those two hours.

In a week I had completed the first draft of a 40 page Q&A style ebook and it has been successfully deployed as a lead generator.

What do you reckon? Would it work for you?

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