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Finished Your 1st Draft? Next…

There’s a great warm feeling that rushes through your veins when ‘finish’ your first draft. You type “The End”, print it out, get the satisfaction as you rap all the pages so they… Continue reading

What Makes You Write?

Hard to believe, I know, but not everyone feels compelled to write. Yeah. I don’t get that either. Still, each to their own. For those who do have an insatiable and unstoppable urge… Continue reading

How To Write a Book in 2 Minutes

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWfGqo1QtIU] I was testing out how fast I could produce a video. Turns out … fast! In this really quick 2 minute video I cover off the four key elements to writing a… Continue reading

Journey of a book

edit re-edit finish the manuscript typesetting and design – test, review, endorsement proofing and editing –┬ádigitally┬áprinted is almost like phtsical print print publicise distribution