The 3 Laws of Magic Writing: Brandon Sanderson

Sitting in on a workshop by Claire Buss on creating a world of magic, she referenced Brandon Sanderson's Laws of Magic. There is some debate about the relevance of some of these laws but they are a highly useful beginning for writers new to the world of writing and creating magical worlds. Magical worlds are… Continue reading The 3 Laws of Magic Writing: Brandon Sanderson


Advice From A Successful Author – Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was a World War II fighter pilot and an accidental author who sold 250 million copies of children’s books. That's two hundred and fifty million. Imagine that. And in 2023, the publishers to whom Dahl's family sold the rights, have decided to sanitise the language used by Dahl. Cancel culture is alive and… Continue reading Advice From A Successful Author – Roald Dahl

Elmore Leonard – Writing Tips

writing advice from elmore leonard

Elmore Leonard was a prolific and successful writer who found late success with crime and mystery. In this gritty production (only 7 minutes) "Dutch" gives some clarity to writers. This one hit home for me. His characters 'audition' in the first 100 pages. He names his characters. In one case, one of his characters appeared… Continue reading Elmore Leonard – Writing Tips

Writing Advice from Anne Rice

anne rice writing advice

Who'd have thought this delicate woman could write such gothic novels. From the heart, successful author Anne Rice talks about the craft and art of writing and publishing. 12 minutes of viewing, packed with punchy advice for you as a writer. Here are just a couple of practical gems... The only way to write is… Continue reading Writing Advice from Anne Rice

Writing Tips & Advice – JK Rowling

jk rowling writing tips

One of our most successful contemporary authors not talking about fantasy. In this interview post-Harry Potter, Joanne reveals her practice in developing and defining issues in a novel, creating reality, thematic approaches and the grit of real-life turned into written stories. "Probably everything I write will be about death and morality". Take notes. And, I… Continue reading Writing Tips & Advice – JK Rowling

Writing Tips from Margaret Atwood

margaret atwood writing tips

Margaret Atwood has written a broad range of work over 60 years, even though she is now especially famous as the author of The Handmaid's Tale (based on real events in Cambodia). She is prolific and thought-provoking in her writing. I first came across her in 1993 when she published The Robber Bride. Atwood has… Continue reading Writing Tips from Margaret Atwood