‘Voice’ in Creative Writing

Just as the fingerprints of any two people are different, so too is voice in creative writing. 'Voice' can make or break a piece of work. We're not talking about spoken voice but in a way, we are: if you read a piece of prose out loud it would sound different to the same piece… Continue reading ‘Voice’ in Creative Writing


Writing Tips – Become a Better Writer

writing tips creative writing

You can get lost on the interwebs looking for writing tips. So, where do you begin and which are the really useful ones? After looking for a while, there are a number that stand out which I find work to improve your writing. To save you time, I've distilled these down to two - just… Continue reading Writing Tips – Become a Better Writer

What is Domestic Noir?

domestic noir fiction

The literary world is complex. There are broad genres then sub-genres and even deeper categorisation beyond that. Within the Crime genre, Domestic Noir occupies a peculiarly feminine place. It comprises crime that usually takes place within familiar places such as the home or workplace. It often concerns itself with the woman's perspective. At it's core,… Continue reading What is Domestic Noir?