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Harry Potter Fanpic Underway

Have you thought about writing about your fave characters? Someone has …


Finished Your 1st Draft? Next…

There’s a great warm feeling that rushes through your veins when ‘finish’ your first draft. You type “The End”, print it out, get the satisfaction as you rap all the pages so they… Continue reading

Will You Be. Better, More Successful Writer Next Year?

You can be – joining this comprehensive course will increase your chances exponentially. Just a quick note to let you know that the super super Sale Price on The Write Plan Writer 12… Continue reading

Become a Better Writer – And Get An Income

Writing is a lonely world at times. Sure there’s coffee, and the cat. But few of your friends or family “get” the pursuit of expression and the need to put pen to paper… Continue reading

Advice on Writing

Margaret Atwood Speaks

Listened in to an interview¬†between Jennifer Byrne and Margaret Atwood. It was from last years Sydney Writer’s Festival. One thing she said struck me. She posited that when she began writing, one just… Continue reading