Editing Basics

It’s a cruel business, this writing thing. Just when you feel elated and broadly satisfied that you’ve completed your work of brilliance, you realise that it’s not over. In fact, the hard work… Continue reading

Self Publishing Your Book

Chandler Bolt has been about for a while now so he is building credibility more and more in the self-publishing world. I’m really putting this here to remind myself to watch it but… Continue reading

30 Day NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge

Want to help yourself even more during NaNoWriMo? Check this Challenge out …

NEW Book Author Theme

It’s VERY rare for a theme to be specifically developed to meet the needs of a rather ‘niched’ market like authors. The Book-Snapper theme for WordPress has been released and clever self-publishing authors are taking… Continue reading

Harry Potter Fanpic Underway

Have you thought about writing about your fave characters? Someone has …

Your Book Needs a Marketing Plan

Writing a book is one thing. Inspired. Gruelling. Character-building. Yet if you write your book, show a couple of close family and friends, what do you do next? Shove it in a drawer… Continue reading

Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

Sounds so sweet, doesn’t it? The Snowflake Method. Little shards of snowy ice fluttering around us, carpeting the ground and one by one they form a whole.     As innocuous as it… Continue reading

Getting Published: 7 steps

Got that great book still inside you? Waiting for ‘the right time’ to arrive to get that book written and published? As you move through life, things only get more complex and all… Continue reading

How To Write A Short E-Book in 7 Days

Our expectations have become such that we’re looking for the easiest, fastest way to do things … and then there a times we just want to get stuff done – especially something we… Continue reading

Write Your Book and Sell It!

Highly recommend this practical program by an ex-teacher of Creative Writing, published author, NaNoWriMo winner who believes in publishing effectively and selling your written product. If you want some ideas on how to… Continue reading